at Wattlehurst Farm

Main Street If you go down in the woods at Wattlehurst Farm in Kingsfold on the Sussex/Surrey border you will come across the small town of Deadwood, and you may think you've been transported  in time and space. Deadwood is a typical Old West town of the 1870-1880's, lovingly re-created over many years by a small group of dedicated western enthusiasts.
Walking through the town's street you will discover several buildings, there is the Saloon, Church, Telegraph Office, Eating House, Barbers Shop, Bank, General Store, Courthouse and the Marshals Office and Jail, all furnished in the style of the era. As well as the buildings you may meet the townspeople, the Mayor, the Town Marshal, the Blacksmith, Schoolteacher, Gunsmith, Saloon-keeper and many others. Have a look in the clothing shop, you may find western wear to take home with you! On some open weekends the town may even stage a re-enactment for your entertainment - and their own enjoyment! Main Street

The lake at Wattlehurst Farm



Wattlehurst Farm is a scenic spot, with authentic camps overlooking one of the two lakes, woodland walks, and fishing for those that enjoy such things!Authentic Camping

You can visit Deadwood one of the many open weekends between 10 am and 5 pm, and see inside the buildings

 including the Saloon and Eating House.

Check out the Album pages as well, for a load of photos of the farm and Deadwood.  Deadwood has a great, friendly atmosphere whether there are 6 or 60 folk in town. If you've never visited, come soon, you'll love it.

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 Deadwood has appeared in local newspapers, and has been featured on TV by Meridian Television, Channel 4's Richard and Judy, and the BBC . It is fast becoming renowned as the only western town in the South East that is open for everyone to visit. If you're looking for a western location for a commercial or music video, why not try Deadwood? Email us for more information and prices.

Filming for the Richard and Judy Show
Filming for Channel 4's Richard & Judy show